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  As an avid Backgammon play, I've been asked to make a collection of stones.

 Each checker is made one at a time, printed, detailed, bisque fired, glazed and then a finial firing.

 Since these are all hand-made, they will have  subtle variations in color

especially from one run to another.

 All checkers are made from stoneware  and then fired to a cone 6

These stones are rock hard and will not chip.

 I'm adding new colors every month, so please check back often. Sets are made in quantities  of 15ea.

 Please check out the video tab to see how they are made.










How to order:

​  1. Measure the inside distance of your home board, then divide by 6.

Example, my board is 10.6 inches or 269.24mm across.  Divided by 6 = 1.766" or 44.86mm.

A 1.75" or 44.5mm checker will fit perfectly !

2. Pick the colors of your choice and add them to your order.


3. Your bisque fired checkers are then glazed, wrapped added to its own draw string bag, boxed and shipped to you. Lead time 7-14 days from receipt of payment.

4. Since these are 3d printed one at a time, custom sizes are always welcomed,  both diameter and height, There will be a up charge of 20% and a lead time of 4-6 weeks because of setup for printing and drying time for the clay.


I stock these sizes at all times.

 Dia.        Ht.          Dia.    Ht.    Grams    Set of 15ea.
51.5 mm      14.0 mm    2"           9/16"     56        $90
45.0 mm      13.5 mm    1-3/4"    1/2"     38        $80
38.5 mm      11.5 mm    1-1/2"    7/16"     22        $70
33.0 mm      10.5 mm    1-5/6"    3/8"     17        $60
29.5 mm       9.5 mm    1-3/16"   3/8"     14        $55

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